Some Common Yet Essential Measures Site Safety For Superstructure Works

Before starting any construction work, you must take a commitment from the contractor to adhere to the Safety, Health and Environment Manual, popularly known as SHE Manual. A significant part of the SHE manual is covered by Site Safety measures, where you should define every safety measure in detail. Site safety does not only put limitations on any untoward incident, but if you adhere to the norms project will run smooth and will complete on time also.

Essential Safety Measures On-Site During Execution

Safety measures taken on the site entirely depend upon the volume and nature of work. Site Safety should be different for underground works, for foundation, and superstructure work. The main aim of safety measures in underground or foundation works is to retain the earth safely, for which sheet piling should be done and that too interconnected and supported with stable props of high engineering strength. When it comes to superstructure work, the main aim of safety measures is revolving around the safety of workers and equipment to avoid falling any of them from the height.

Site Safety Is Equally Important As A Safe Structure

For Superstructure

The following are the standard yet essential safety measures that should be taken during the execution of superstructure work.

  • Roof Rail-

Generally, it is made of iron material. It should be designed strong and stable enough with an anti-fall and protection system. Apart from durable design, perfect installation is also necessary, and for this, not a single link should be left loose. After installation of roof rail, it should be wrap all-around with safety cloths (anti-fall fencing) to make a full-proof anti-fall system. It will take care of avoiding the fall of workers and equipment from the height.

  • Temporary Fences-

It can be installed all around the outer edge of the roof or at a place where there is depression, like lift or escalator pit, during execution. It is a protective and the best alternative to surrounding the hole with safety tape.

  • Walking platform-

It may be of the wooden material or in the form of a steel plate. But it should get support with the perfectly designed channels, beams, and angles (built-up sections). The outer edge of the platform must be fencing with steel to rail or temporary fences. Roof rail is provided to support the safety belt of labor working on the platform.

  • Safety Belt-

Safety belt is one of the essential requirements of Site Safety. The safety belt must come with auto-lock systems that, too, with a minimum jerk during an unfortunate fall. Also, the material should be lab tested and manufactured in an authorized manufacturing unit.

  • PPP-

The personal protective unit consists of a safety helmet, gloves, reflective jackets, safety belts, etc. These are the essential safety equipment for personal protection at the construction site.

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